2020 Reading Stats

Happy 2021! I wanted to start my 2020 wrap up posts by breaking down the stats for all the books I read. I will also be posting a list of all the books I read, and my top 10 books of the year. If there is anything else you’d like to see, feel free to let me know!

So here are some stats:

Books Read: 100

On Goodreads, I set my goal at 45 and for the first time, I surpassed it!

Pages: 27,482 (average of about 275 pages per book)

I also made some charts to show off some other stats, so here are the books I read separated by their genre.

I made it a goal to read some classics this year, and I’m glad I did! I read so many incredible ones and even found a new favorite author (Oscar Wilde!) This is probably the least amount of fantasy I’ve read any year as I’ve begun to fall out of love with the genre, so I only read six, as compared to years previous where nearly every book I read was fantasy.

I also read a lot more nonfiction than I thought. I honestly thought I read about 10, but when tallying them up I had so many more, which I’m very happy with as I’ve been wanting to read more every year.

Now here are the books I read separated by months.

And my final chart is my ratings!

I’m pretty happy with my ratings this year. In previous years, I was pretty lenient on giving out five stars, so I’ve been working on being more critical of the books I read. I did thoroughly enjoy the vast majority of the books I read this year, which I think is the most important part.

And those are my reading stats for the year! I’m really happy with the number and quality of the books I read. How was your reading in 2020? Did you meet any goals you set?

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