My Life In Books Tag

I’m going to be doing the ‘My Life In Books Tag’ created by One World, Too Many Pages, as my first book tag. You can see the original post here.

1. Find a book for each of your initials. 

My initials are A, K, I.

A- A Thousand Pieces Of You- By Claudia Gray

K- (The) Kite Runner- By Khaled Hosseini

I- Insurgent- By Veronica Roth

2. Count your age along your bookshelf: What book is it?

I counted along my shelves, and I got Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. There are a few books on a shelf above the top one in this photo. I absolutely loved Red Queen and Glass Sword, and I highly recommend them both.

3. Pick a book set in your city/country.

All of the Percy Jackson and Hero’s Of Olympus books take place in New York. These are some of my favorite books because of all the adventure and humor.

4. Pick a book set in a city/county you would love to travel to.

In the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Jacob takes a trip to an island off the coast of Wales. I would love to visit Wales one day.

5. Pick a book that’s your favorite color.

Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love all shades of blue. I think my favorite shade might be royal blue, but I also really like sky blue.

6. Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

I definitely have the fondest memories of reading Harry Potter. These are my favorite books and I’ve re-read them all multiple times. I also am collecting the various editions of the series.  I think that if I did not read these books, I would not read nearly as much as I do now. Harry Potter really made me enjoy reading and started me on the path of books.

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

I had a lot of difficulty reading Vinegar Girl By Anne Tyler and I never actually finished it. I was not a big fan of the writing style, and I was not really interested in the plot. I might pick this book up again one day, but for now I will leave it unfinished.

8. Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

I think the biggest accomplishment would be reading my Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters’ books. I have read very few classics, and they always take me a long time to read, but once I finish them I feel really good. I am looking forward to reading the Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters’ books because they all sound very interesting and have intriguing story lines.


I challenge everyone reading this to complete the tag. It was a lot of fun and I plan to do more soon. Which tags would you like me to do? Please let me know.


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