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Sonnet Saturday- The Desolate Land

Happy Sonnet Saturday Everyone!

Today for Sonnet Saturday I will be sharing a bit of poetry that is still a work in progress. I will share the final version of this piece in about two weeks, but for now, here is the first draft. This is called The Desolate Land.





Without lights. Without laughter. Without life.

Empty thoughts scattered in the wind.

No noise, yet full of sound.

A melody of rain. A harmony of thunder.


Completely empty, yet full of wonder.

The surrounding waves crashing against the shore.

Stone hills rising above the clouds.

In the distances the crackling of thunder is met with a blinding flash.

Time stalls between the two.





The night sky is illuminated. The only light on the land.

It lasts a moment

Then it’s gone.


The light fades to black,

And then repeats again.




If you decide to write something for Sonnet Saturday, feel free to share it online with this hashtag- #SonnetSaturday, or in the comments on this post.

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