Sonnet Saturday- The First

Today is the first day of Sonnet Saturdays. This is a new ‘series’ that I started to share some creative writing.

Creative writing is something that I have always loved, so every Saturday, I will post a piece of writing that I have been working on. Even though it is called Sonnet Saturday, I will not be posting only sonnets. I will be sharing poems, short stories, quotes, bits and pieces of longer stories, and more.

To begin this series, I will share a sonnet which I wrote for a school assignment.


The vast and infinite depths of the dark

The howling wind gone with no trace in mind

Though nothing but a torch without its spark

Disappears and wanders throughout the wynd.


Though the cold has brought only a shiver

The stars above the horizon afloat

The wind in the clouds is but a river

Upon river mighty there is no boat.


And with not one thing left to remember

The only thing left is to desire

The night and the wind give way to embers

And upon the distance there is a fire.


The rise of the sun begins to end night

And with the early morning comes the light.


I would love to see some of your creative writing. Feel free to share some in the comments here, or on social media with this hashtag- #sonnetsaturday.

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